"Dr. Pollard-Wright is a transdisciplinary scientist, clinician and innovative thinker. Her FoK-FIP theory with a framework within a framework approach and the kind of experimental work she is engaged in could help change the direction we’re going in currently as a society. This includes creating avenues for consilience among a broad range of researchers in many fields."

John S. Torday
Professor of Pediatrics
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Evolutionary Medicine Program

Director, The Henry L. Guenther Laboratory for Cell-Molecular Research

University of California - Los Angeles

Fellow, The European Academy of Science and Arts

"Principal Investigator and veterinarian Dr. Holly Pollard-Wright gave Roo and me the opportunity to participate in a pilot study where we learned and began to practice proprioception exercises to ease Roo’s stressors. Roo has benefitted from our time participating in this pilot study, and I highly recommend it to others with dogs experiencing similar stresses.

Roo is a three-year-old Queensland Heeler. She is a lovely girl born mid-2020 who was unable to benefit from the confidence-building types of socialization situations that previous dogs had during less-restrictive times. Roo suffers from is hyper-vigilance and anxiety."