Not according to this theory.  Instead, ‘You’ are an invisible viewpoint of consciousness termed ‘mind’ observing ego that defines conscious events but is not consciousness in and of itself. 

Every viewpoint ‘mind’ observing ego is correlated to a living being that in this theory is called an Avatar living being that comes into existence through the reality of conceptual thought or memory. 

It is ‘mind’ observing ego rather than an Avatar living being that is the image closest to representing the mind, a fundamental entity without beginning or end with infinite potential. 

The mind is not entirely conceivable; implied is that the inconceivable aspects of reality that correlate with the Universe/consciousness concept, when conceptualized, equates to ‘unable to be seen.’ Thus ‘I’ is a term synonymous with an ‘invisible’ viewpoint and refers to ‘You.’

Although numerous, only through one fundamental entity as the mind without beginning or end does ‘mind’ observing ego exist ultimately. Thus all viewpoints and the closely related Avatar living beings represent fundamentally ‘the same kind of different’ and a deeper dimension that can be summarized through this statement ‘I’ stands for ‘You.’

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